Course curriculum

  • 1

    Phase 1: Warming Up

    • Greetings to all new students!

    • Welcome To the Social Media Academy!

    • How To Navigate This Course

    • Social Media Aptitude Test (Instructions Inside)

    • Understanding Social Media and how it impacts the market

    • Getting to know each other

    • Top Social Media Platforms and How To Maximize Them

    • Social Media Marketing Vs Social Media Management

  • 2

    Phase 2. - Foundations of an effective Social Media Marketer

    • What is Social Media Listening?

    • Building Your Brand Voice

    • Auditing Social Media Profiles Like a Pro

    • Brand Audit Sample

    • Social Media Audit Task

    • How To Create an Effective Social Media Marketing Plan

    • What goals you can achieve through social media

    • Social Media Plan Task

    • Content and Distribution: Foundations Overview of a Great Design

    • Content and Distribution: Designing Social Media Post Workflow

    • Creating Images, GIFs, Videos and Other Tools You Can Use Part 1

    • Creating Images, GIFs, Videos and Other Tools You Can Use Part 2

    • List of Other Social Media Tools You Can Use

    • Content Creation Task

    • Writing Captions: How to get more Clicks, Shares or Reach in an Ultra-Competitive Space

    • Writing Captions Task

    • Tracking Results: What are UTMs and why you need it badly?

    • Tracking Results: How to measure your activities' progress

    • Analyze and Optimize: How to set up a Facebook Advertising Account

    • Analyze and Optimize: How to set up your Facebook ad campaign

    • Analyze and Optimize: Audience and Targeting Options

    • Analyze and Optimize: How to set up your first Facebook ad

  • 3

    Phase 3. Practical How - To’s You Need To Know About Facebook

    • How to use Facebook for business

    • How to set up a Facebook page from Scratch

    • How to filter your posts on Facebook

    • Grooming Up Task

  • 4

    Do not Forget This

    • Things to Remember before setting up your social profiles

    • Foundations Quiz

  • 5

    Phase 4. Video Marketing Overview

    • Video Marketing by Shoden

    • The 4P method for selling through videos

    • 4P Method Task

  • 6

    Phase 5. Things To Know Before Running Your First Ad

    • Basics of Advertising Overview

    • Intro to Facebook Analytics

    • Measuring Your Client's ROI

  • 7

    Phase 6. Introduction to Social Media Advertising

    • What is Social Media Advertising?

    • Goals, Targeting and Budgeting

    • Copy and Visuals

    • LIVE Session: How Social Media Plays A Part In Sales Funnels

    • How To Present Data To Your Clients

  • 8

    Phase 7. Overview to Community Management Cycle and Growing Your Facebook Group

    • Overview to Community Management Cycle and Growing Your Facebook Group

    • Establishing Facebook Groups

    • Moderating Facebook Groups

  • 9

    Phase 8. Instagram Marketing

    • Video Introduction to Instagram

    • Crafting Instagram Accounts

    • Things to remember before planning your content on Instagram

    • Instagram Targeting Part 1

    • Instagram Targeting Part 2

    • The Push and Pull Instagram Strategy

    • Collaborating on Instagram and how to make it work for your account

    • Instagram Analytics Overview

    • Instagram Hacks Loaded!

  • 10

    Phase 9. Introduction To Linkedin Marketing

    • How to craft a winning LinkedIn profile

    • How to generate leads using LinkedIn

  • 11

    Phase 10. Closing Client Deals

    • How To Craft A Winning Proposal

    • How To Sign Your First Client

    • How To Price Your Services

  • 12

    Phase 11. What's Next?

    • What's Next? Now What?