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The Ultimate Social Media Marketing Program for Freelancers, Marketers, and Entrepreneurs Wanting to Learn Social Media Marketing That Produces Real Results

Social Media Academy is a one-month, intensive, social media marketing program for freelancers, aspiring social media managers, business owners, and influencers who want to leverage the power of social media. With nearly 300 alumni who are learning directly from us -- we’re teaching the most effective social media marketing strategies of today to help you get ahead.

Social Media Academy is a one-month, intensive, social media marketing program for freelancers, aspiring social media managers, business owners, and influencers who want to leverage the power of social media.

With nearly 300 alumni who are learning directly from us -- we’re teaching the most effective social media marketing strategies of today to help you get ahead.

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We teach

  • Facebook Marketing
  • Facebook Ads
  • Chatbots
  • Instagram Marketing
  • LinkedIn Marketing
  • Pinterest Marketing
  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • Client Acquisition and Pricing Strategies
  • Social Media Content Creation and Strategy

And many more!


Welcome to Social Media Academy


  • Welcome To Social Media Academy!
  • Getting To Know Each Other
  • Facebook Profile Task
  • Social Media Aptitude Test (Instructions Inside)

Getting Started


  • How To Navigate This Course
  • Understanding Social Media And How It Impacts the Market
  • Social Media Marketing vs Social Media Management
  • Social Media Platforms and How To Maximize Them
  • Setting Up Social Profiles
  • Setting Up Social Media Profiles: Topic Resources
  • Social Media Academy Task 1
  • Quick Check-in

How to Create a Strategic Social Media Marketing Plan


  • Where Does Social Media Fit in the Buyer's Journey, Inbound and Outbound Marketing
  • Buyer Persona Creation
  • Buyer Persona Sample
  • Social Media Academy Task #2
  • How To Develop Your Brand Voice On Social Media
  • Social Media Academy Task #3
  • Finding Your Brand Voice Worksheet
  • How To Create A Winning Social Media Audit
  • Creating a Strategy Overview
  • Social Media Marketing Strategy VS Social Media Plan
  • Key Principles To Keep In Mind Before Creating Your Plan
  • Key Questions You Need To Answer For Your Social Media Marketing Plan
  • Defining Goals vs Objective vs Purpose
  • Strategy Vs Tactic
  • Metrics and KPIs explained
  • Create Your Own Social Media Marketing Plan Walkthrough
  • How To Create A Competitor Analysis
  • Social Media Academy Task #5
  • Social Media Marketing Project Template
  • Social Media Marketing Plan Resources

Content Creation


  • Content Planning Part 1
  • Content Planning Part 2
  • Filling Up Your Content Calendar
  • Social Media Academy Task 5
  • Foundations Of A Great Design
  • Designing A Social Media Post Workflow
  • Social Media Tools Part 1
  • Social Media Tools Module Part 2
  • Creating Images, GIFs, Videos and Tools You Will Love
  • Social Media Tool List
  • Writing Excellent Captions
  • Writing A Basic Video Copy
  • How To Never Run Out Of Content No Matter What
  • How To Write An Emotional Social Media Copy - Part 1
  • How To Write An Emotional Social Media Copy - Part 2

Visual Branding 101


  • Visual Branding Lesson 1
  • Visual Branding Lesson 2
  • Visual Branding Lesson 3
  • Visual Branding Lesson 4
  • Visual Branding Lesson 5
  • Visual Branding Lesson 6
  • Visual Branding Lesson 7
  • Visual Branding 101 Resources

Content Creation Practice

  • Social Media Task #6

Facebook Marketing Domination


  • Facebook Organic Marketing Secrets
  • Facebook Personal Profile vs Facebook Business Page
  • Establishing Facebook Groups
  • Moderating Facebook Groups
  • Overview to Community Management Cycle and Growing Your Facebook Group
  • Special (Tagalog Session) from FHMOMS founder Maria Corina Kope: Nurturing a Community

Facebook Ads Deep Dive


  • Social Media Advertising & Facebook Advertising
  • How To Set Up a Facebook Ad Account
  • Ad Campaign Structure
  • Task #9
  • What You Need to Know/Do Before Running Your First Ad
  • The Facebook Pixel
  • Initial Audience Research
  • Let's Create an Ad Campaign
  • Task #10
  • Reporting
  • Attribution
  • Offline Conversions
  • Task #11
  • Scaling Your Results
  • Marketing Funnel Basics
  • Task #12
  • General Remarketing Campaigns
  • Abandon Campaigns
  • Content Remarketing Campaign
  • FB Ads Panel Part 1
  • FB Ads Panel Part 2
  • Lead Ad Campaigns
  • Messaging Campaigns
  • Dynamic Product Ads for E-commerce

Instagram Marketing Domination


  • Introduction to Instagram 101
  • Crafting Instagram Accounts
  • Push and Pull Instagram Strategy
  • Collaborating on Instagram and How to Make It Work for Your Account
  • Instagram Analytics Overview
  • Instagram MONSTERclass - Hands-On/In-App

Special Instagram Lecture with IG Expert, Ella Tsang


  • How To Use Instagram for your Business Part 1
  • How To Use Instagram for your Business Part 2
  • How To Use Instagram for your Business Part 3
  • How To Use Instagram for your Business Part 4
  • How To Use Instagram for your Business Part 5

Superman Chatbot Blueprint


  • Welcome to ManyChat - Connecting your Facebook Page to Manycha
  • Building a Landing Page from Scratch
  • Task #13
  • Using the Comment Growth Tool
  • How to Use the Ref URL Growth Tool
  • How to Upgrade to PRO Account
  • Task #14
  • How to Send a Broadcast
  • How to Use Custom Fields
  • How to Use Facebook Messenger Scan Code
  • Zapier Integration
  • Task #15

Twitter's Not Dead 3.0


  • What is a Twitter Chat?
  • How To Get More Retweets, Clicks and Mentions
  • Social Listening on Twitter
  • Twitter in SEO

Pinterest Marketing Domination


  • The Basics of Pinterest Platform
  • Social Media Task #20
  • Tools You Must Have
  • The Power of Tailwind Tribes
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Task #21

LinkedIn Marketing Domination


  • Why LinkedIn is the 2018 Social Media Goldmine
  • How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile
  • Connect and Engage, the Secret to LinkedIn Success
  • Expert Interview: Virginia Bautista
  • Expert Interview: Kassy Pajarillo

Video Marketing Crash Course (Branding, Video Marketing, YouTube)


  • How To Create a Video Storyboard by Dennis Abad
  • Video Marketing Crash Course

Closing Clients Like a Boss


  • The World Famous, Nix Eniego Social Media Audit Strategy That Lands Clients at a “100%” Close Rate
  • Mel's 12k proposal - Explained
  • How To Create Cover Letters by Samantha Justine
  • Pricing - How To Price Your Services The Right Way
  • Closing Clients with John Pagulayan



  • Simple Hacks For Writing Better Social Media Copy by Nika Peji
  • Email Marketing Tips for Businesses Who Live on Social Media by Allan Ngo
  • How To Earn Dollars in Amazon by Bonnie Factor
  • Mindset Hacks for Marketing Successes by Jonecca San Pascual
  • 7-Figure Mindvalley Copywriting with Brian Cassingena

About Your Instructor

Nix Eniego

Nix Eniego

Founder, Social Media Academy

Nix is a marketing consultant for influencers and entrepreneurs. 

He has helped both big brands and startups all over the world with SEO, content marketing, and social media marketing. He shares his expertise and strategies with hundreds of other freelancers and entrepreneurs around the globe. Nix also founded Social Media Academy, one of the biggest online schools for social media marketing.

Melissa Profeta

Melissa Profeta

Co-Founder, Social Media Academy

Melissa is an expert in community growth and social media marketing. 

Melissa Profeta has a total of 9 years experience in Marketing and Sales and has put her best practices on her headline.

She is the co-founder of Social Media Academy with over 700 students and counting. She is sharing her marketing skill sets, leads and develops social media marketing experts. She also co-founded the PR firm, Prime Press where they get brands on major publications like Forbes and Entrepreneur.

Melissa is also a columnist and an active contributor to high-level blogs like Influencive, Thrive Global, Good Men Project, and Buzzfeed.

Julian Canita

Julian Canita

Digital Marketing Specialist and Facebook Ads Strategist at JCan Online Marketing Solutions

Julian has been helping business owners grow their businesses through Facebook ads for the past 3 years.

He has helped over 40 businesses, has taught and coached over 100 students and has spent nearly 10M Pesos in Facebook ads so trust us, he knows his stuff.

Niel  Reichl

Niel Reichl

Email Marketing and ChatBot Specialist at BottBott Industries

Niel Reichl went from nowhere to somewhere after attending one of Nix's workshop back in 2017.

Niel is now considered as one of the leaders in the facebook messenger chatbot and marketing niches in the Philippines.


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Hot Bonuses

Bonus #1

Sales Surge Secrets

Amazing Value!
Whatever you're profession is you're in SALES, and you need to learn the art of closing, and we've invited one of the best in the business to teach you exactly how you can sell to clients at scale (An exclusive preview of Karla Singson's Corporate Course Sales Surge Mastermind)

Bonus #2

Growth Hacking Masterclass

P3,995 value
Learn some of the most interesting and effective growth hacks today that you can use to grow your business and your clients'. I heard a ton of raving reviews from my students who've seen this video.

Bonus #3

The Art of Design Masterclass

P995 Value
Design is an integral part of social media, and learning how it can play a part in your entire marketing strategy can make or break your entire campaign. We'll give you access to this module taught by one of our guest experts (valued at P995)

Bonus #4

Mindset Hacking

P1,995 value
The key to success starts with the mind. Believing that you can actually succeed is crucial, and we have one of the up and coming success experts in the country do a live class on this topic. (valued at)

Bonus #5

Entrepreneurial Mindset Building Session

P3995 Value
Learn from some of the most successful young entrepreneurs in the country on what it takes to start a business and sustain strong year on year growth

Bonus #6

Proposal Templates, Contracts, Client-Freelancer Etiquette, Tax and Business Registration Crash Course

P2995 Value
Not only do you get the knowledge and skills to be a great social media manager, we also provide you with proposal templates, contracts, as well as teaching you how you can get set up with taxes and registering yourself as a self-employed professional or corporation.

Bonus #7

Student Spotlight

Life-changing Value!
See how some of our students, who were just like you, are now making big money and getting amazing opportunities left and right.

Bonus #8

FREE 20-Minute Coaching Session

Amazing Value!
For only the first 20 enrollees, you can have a 20-minute coaching session with one of our main faculty members. We will help you figure things out and experience a complete breakthrough. Most of us charge anywhere between P5k-20k for our time so this is an absolute steal.

Exclusive Facebook Group

Community Discussions and Support

Amazing Value!
Join our community and grow everyday through real interaction with fellow students!

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